A dream of old and strange clothes

I’m going to write about a dream I had this morning, before it disappear from my memory completely.


In my room, I was sitting on the floor and sorting out my clothes. There were old clothes I’ve never owned in reality, like a denim skirt with green ribbon or chunky oatmeal sweater in my closet. But I didn’t wonder why these clothes were here. When I looked at the outside through dirty window, laundries were wet with the rain. I noticed it was raining.

Suddenly, an old white puffy coat appeared in front of me. I inspected the coat carefully then thought that this coat was left to me by my relative. It had zippers on both shoulders and they were broken. I thought so because every time I pulled up the zipper closure, it went down by itself. Gradually the coat changed its color to light pink.
I showed the coat to a woman at the cleaner to ask how to handle this strange stuff. I don’t remember what her answer was.

What do you think this dream means? I can’t find any convincing interpretation.

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