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This summer I bought a new smartphone. It's BlackBerry KEYone, my second BlackBerry and my first Android device. So far I'm (almost) satisfied.

Do you know "Gara-kei" (feature-phone) ? Mobile phones that support voice calling and SMS only. I've been using this type of phone since good-byed to my first BlackBerry. Now in my new smartphone, everything looks fresh and interesting even an ordinary email. And I'm very happy that I can use the physical keypad again. Physical keypad is great!

So, why "(almost) satisfied" ? Because KEYone is 66 gram heavier than my previous feature-phone. Yes, I measured both weight with my food scales. Though it's an insignificant problem I can ignore.


As I tweeted 5 days ago, I'm currently reading The Only Child by Andrew Pyper. This title was one of my most want-to-read book this year.

Why I'm excited about this book? Not only because this is my favorite writer, but also because it took a month to come into my hands. I was very worried whether the book would arrive, checking my order history page on Amazon everyday. If I had bought a Kindle edition, I could start reading sooner. But I was determined to buy a paperback edition, so that I can admire its cover in my bookshelf after finish reading. And of course it was worth waiting.

By the way, my real name is written in this book. That makes this book very special to me.